"I had a chance to see them at the Varsity Theater and they are excellent. Really captivating performers, and although they are not real life sister twins, you can definitely tell they are musical kindred spirits"

"They’ve established themselves in the Twin Cities with honesty, authenticity, and gratitude for the platform they have been afforded to be able to speak on issues we all experience."

The Twins of Franklin are not, in fact, twins. They are two dear friends and Minneapolis musicians Becky Shaheen and Laura Lou. After being regularly mistaken as twins for years being best friends, roommates, and each other’s solo backup singers, they decided to embrace the label when they formed their new duo in 2017.


Turns out, a decade of singing together means the pair can do some pretty neat things. Like delivering tight, delicate harmonies that can suddenly become one world-conquering belts or even encouraging a group singalong when covering your favorite Goo Goo Dolls song.


The Twins of Franklin’s are releasing their debut album "Low" and will be throwing a celebration at the Icehouse on February 20th, 2020!





"The Twins of Franklin played at the Ely Folk School. A spaghetti feed was held..."

"The Twins of Franklin are extremely talented ladies who have the ability to both wow you with their harmonies on slower songs and get you pumped up and grooving on upbeat tunes!"

- Andrea Swensson, The Current