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“Look at All This Life” from The Twins of Franklin serves up a kind of soaring emotion that come from living multiple lives—mothers, sisters, friends, wives, and simply being women—morphing into a piece the duo has touched on in the past. The new track is part of their upcoming album and features diverse, intimate, and bold work as they share thoughtful and revealing views on personal and societal concerns. 

This is just one of the reasons why The Twins of Franklin have so much potential. Their heart and hard work show in their performances. They are clearly driven and determined. The release of their first album Low is a testament to those attributes. For everyone at the Icehouse last night, it was obvious how grateful and excited these two ladies are to finally be at this point.

- Music in Minnesota, Tom Smouse

"I had a chance to see them at the Varsity Theater and they are excellent. Really captivating performers, and although they are not real life sister twins, you can definitely tell they are musical kindred spirits."

- 89.3 The Current - Andrea Swenson

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