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The Twins of Franklin are not in fact twins, but best friends who fell in love belting show tunes and classical arias together in a dorm room. In the fifteen years since, they still have a lot in common. They’ve both become professional musicians, released multiple records, and played hundreds of shows as the Twins. Most recently, they’ve shared the experience of becoming moms.

“So, do you still plan on doing music?” is something Becky Shaheen and Laura Lou are asked a lot now that they have kids. Keeping the band together was always the plan, and as it turns out, motherhood is actually inspiring AF. Being a mom isn’t easy, but hard things show you the good things in life. The Twins’ new music is proof of that.

Their second and newest album, This Life, mixes hard and soft like only one thing can — American girl rock. It’s both powerful and birdsong sweet — like taking your 70s convertible out for a rage cruise on a sunny spring day.

In contrast to their indie-pop album Low, This Life lets the Twins’ siren harmonies and band do the work. That band is made up of bass/harmonica player and third harmony Joe Shaheen and powerhouse drummer Brian Riedinger. Renowned producer Kevin Bowe (Etta James, The Replacements) knew exactly how to capture the energy of a Twins of Franklin live show, giving the album a perfect mix of raw emotion and organic instrumentation.

We think it sounds frickin’ awesome. Come to our party so we can play it for you! Lucy Michelle’s full band opens the This Life Album Release on May 31 at Icehouse.

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Short Bio

The Twins of Franklin are an original indie/folk duo based in Minneapolis made of up Becky Shaheen and Laura Lou.  Their second full length album "This Life" comes out on May 17th, 2024 followed by a bash of an album release party at Icehouse MPLS on May 31st, 2024. 

“Look at All This Life” from The Twins of Franklin serves up a kind of soaring emotion that come from living multiple lives—mothers, sisters, friends, wives, and simply being women—morphing into a piece the duo has touched on in the past. The new track is part of their upcoming album and features diverse, intimate, and bold work as they share thoughtful and revealing views on personal and societal concerns. 
MPLS. St. Paul Magazine, Youa Vang

This is just one of the reasons why The Twins of Franklin have so much potential. Their heart and hard work show in their performances. They are clearly driven and determined. The release of their first album Low is a testament to those attributes. For everyone at the Icehouse last night, it was obvious how grateful and excited these two ladies are to finally be at this point.

- Music in Minnesota, Tom Smouse

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